Two-Term Manhattan Beach City Councilmember and Mayor

   Los Angeles County Beach Commissioner/Chair (7 years)

   Former Manhattan Beach City Commissioner (9 years)

   23-year Manhattan Beach Homeowner and Community Volunteer

   Financial Controller and Chief Financial Officer

   Trusted Civic Leader, Proven Record of Service to Our Community

   Longtime Dedicated Community Leader, Not a Politician!


Welcome to my campaign website!


To our Manhattan Beach community,


I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all Manhattan Beach residents for the honor and privilege of serving our wonderful community. Many of you already know I'm a longtime community leader/volunteer, not a politician. For me it's all about community service, not politics! For many years I've passionately devoted countless hours serving our community (see Community Involvement below).


I have the experience to make wise decisions to benefit our community and will continue to do so with courage and integrity. If you want to know what I will do as your City Councilmember, look at what I've done during my 8 years on the City Council, and previously as an unpaid City Commissioner for 9 years and a community volunteer for over 20 years.


As your Mayor and City Councilmember, I've always been accessible and will continue to solicit input from all members of our community, persistently work hard to improve our quality of life and keep our city safe, support our school district's high standard of education, enhance youth and older adult programs, protect our beach and environment, passionately practice open and transparent government, maintain our city's facilities/infrastructure, and provide vigorous financial oversight and accountability. I've worked persistently throughout labor negotiations to obtain pension reform and control unsustainable long-term pension costs.


I was first elected during one of the worst economies California has seen. Notwithstanding these challenging economic times and state takeaways, our city is financially sound, with substantial economic reserves. Our budget was balanced each of my four years on the City Council -- without any tax increases! Our city has a AAA bond rating, the highest rating available (only 1 of 2 cities in California has achieved this).


I was successful in moving the General Audience Participation portion of the City Council agenda from the end of the City Council meeting to the beginning, so that our residents don't have to wait (often 4-6 hours) to offer comments/concerns or to speak about items that are not on the agenda. As Mayor, I was successful in removing the total time limit of 15 minutes on General Audience Participation so that everyone has an opportunity to speak.


Open, inclusive and transparent government has been my theme. As Mayor, I instituted the Mayor's Town Hall series with subjects ranging from Earthquake Safety/Preparedness to “Meet Your City: Everything You Want to Know About Your City Government.” I also have my weekly Mayor “Walk ‘n Talks” to listen to residents' comments, suggestions and concerns (see Mayor's Highlights).


I've worked hard to protect our local environment. As a Los Angeles County Beach Commissioner, I've strived to keep our beaches clean and prevented state approval to take 500,000 cubic yards of vital offshore Manhattan Beach sand. As Mayor, I received the United States Conference of Mayors' 2012 Climate Protection Award and the Wyland Foundation's 2012 National Mayor's Water Conservation Challenge Award on behalf of our community.


I recognize that we may not always agree on every issue, but I will always keep an open mind, carefully review your valued input, deeply respect your opinions, greatly appreciate your public participation, and make fair-minded, well-reasoned decisions. Always feel free to email me your suggestions, ideas, comments, questions and concerns at


I care to do the very best job I can for our city because I love Manhattan Beach and I will continue to work hard representing you. With your vote, together we can protect and enhance our community's safe way of life for our families and local businesses.


Yours in service,





Wayne Powell

Longtime Resident, Community Leader and Volunteer




Note: Don’t be misled by an opponent’s (and his "special interest" supporters) deceptive campaign making false and misleading statements about me in and attempt to mislead voters and vandalize my eight years of exemplary City Council dedication, leadership, accomplishments and fiscal responsibility! Here’s my 11/22/18 Letter to the Editor refuting his false and misleading statements: Beach Reporter.


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